Thrifty Tuesday!

Jeans: Thrifted   Shoes: Thrifted  Sweater: Boheme Goods  Layering Shirt: Thistle & Finn

There Baaaaaack. Thrifty Tuesdays are back! Why you ask? Because its sweater season and thrift stores are fully stocked with some total GEMS! Each Tuesday I'll be sharing an outfit that's been thrifted or a special thrift tip! This week is kind of a cheat because this amazing fishermans sweater is from the most stylish online vintage stores called Boheme Goods but at one point it was thrifted! My jeans and shoes I personally thrifted! I almost spent some major mula on Mules from Free People the other day and walked into Goodwill and wha-la! These bad boys above were sitting there waiting for me. Now they may have al little wear and tear to them but I like my shoes a bit worn. I love this stage of Motherhood, sitting on the sidewalk eating apples and talking gibberish. Olive will be ONE in 19 days! Bring on the tears!

So a few tips while looking for sweaters.. Look in every size.. S,M,L,XL  Because a chunky knit is probably hiding in the rack your not looking in. Think... Can I layer this? Do I LOVE this color and will it pair well with clothing I already have? REMEMBER! the biggest key to thrifting is not getting overwhelmed by everything that is so "cheap" that you buy things you'll never wear.  

Olives darling outfit is from Viva Boho Kids! and you can use code VIVABOHO10 for 10% off your purchase. Her bonnet is from Wind Child & Shoes are from Binas Blooms

P.S. Olive wasn't cold... I was sweating because Colorado thinks its still summer.