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Pictures source and full recipe are from one of my favorites My New Roots.

Okay so I have no clue what I'm going to call this series yet. But lets dive right in. Up above is this weeks recipe that we love. I made them last week for the first time and Austin has been begging me to make them again. A few changes. I left out the Kalamata Olives... because as much as we love OUR kalamata... we are not big olive fans over here and this burger was just as tasty. Second, I doubled the onions and mushrooms and cooked them for 10x longer and even put some aside for left overs. I also used green lentils instead of beluga. Lastly, my burgers were a little less solid but equally delicious. I ate the leftovers broken up in a salad and I'm still dreaming about it. 

This weeks Question! Are you a real vegan?

Nope im not. I'm about 95% vegan. I don't eat any red meat or poultry but when we are in California we eat fish for every meal and its SO fresh and delicious. I don't eat dairy but occasionally when I'm not uber grossed out by them I will eat eggs. Or eat some items with eggs in them. Or while on date night or for special occasions I will eat things with cheese in them. If there are vegans options I will choose that over anything else every time. Because vegan food is delicious. We love trying new things and while I absolutely think the raw vegan lifestyle is the route to go at this time I'm not 100% committed. I sometimes go weeks vegan and then have a week where it varies. My goal in life is not to live in fear or put myself under this super strict law. I want to listen to my body and eat in a way that respects my health and wellness. Olive is 100% vegan and we plan to stay on that track until well, it changes. My hope for her is that she is always a vegetarian but I don't want to be that controlling mom. We hope to teach Olive that her body is a temple. To show her that when she eats yummy delicious healthy things her body feels good and thrives and that when she may eat not so good things it has an effect on her. Not by instilling fear or law but simply teaching her to be in tune with her mind,body and spirit just as we should be. 

Okay! let me know if you ever try these amazing veggie burgers and if you have any questions don't forget to email them to me or comment below!

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