a birthday to be remembered.

Happy Monday! Todays Austins birthday. He's 26 and I'm all...how does it feel to be on the dark side of your 20's??... or is the grass greener. So far he doesn't have an answer.. but we did talk about how last year on this day I was in labor with Olive having 2-3 minute apart contractions and was trying to hide it from him. My midwife told me some things to relax and then they tapered off but we spent the whole evening in our hotel wondering if we were going to have to go to the hospital or not and if they would share a birthday. So its a little surreal to have her with us this year. She was born 6 days later but I think we will always start our mornings talking about that one birthday, x amount of years ago when olive almost came and remember every detail of that day so vividly. 

We are spending the day celebrating our favorite guy but I wanted to drop in to share these outfits. This dress is perfect for Thanksgiving and is from of course Thistle & Finn. Im a lover of all things with a drop waist! Shop this dress HERE

and since this guy is always behind the camera.

Happiest of Birthdays to you Austin! We love you so very much and appreciate every thing you do for us every single day. The hard work, the giggles, the yummy food, the diaper changes and the countless snuggles you constantly give. We are blessed blessed blessed to get to live life with you as our best friend, baby daddy and papa!