Thrifty Tuesday:

Jumper: F21 old   Shoes: Lotta    Jean Jacket: Thrifted    Purse: Fashionable   Hat: GIGI PIP

Thrifty Tuesday's are quick becoming my favorite outfits to shoot. Todays all about our mommy and me jean jackets. If your looking for a good denim jacket get to your thrift stores. I've seen so many of them. Mine wasn't a brand name but I've seen plenty of amazing Levi's jackets just waiting to be taken home. Since mine wasn't anything special I decided to make it a bit more fashion forward and fringe the bottom. I think it gives it more of an edgy look and makes a simple outfit trendy and the fringe will only get better in time! Olives on the other hand was huge so I cut hers to match mine and we couldn't get over how cute it was. She looked like such a 90's babe. Also... tutus forever. 

I get a big scissor happy when bringing home things from the thrift store. But while shopping think if a few simple alterations can make a piece super fun or more flattering.