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Im so excited to share another favorite recipes from My New Roots. This soup is SOO simple, we've made it twice in one week. My mom is getting into town tonight and Im pretty sure I'm going to make it for her tonight because its just THAT yummy. 

As always... I cooked my onions 3x longer than suggested. I also couldn't find organic corn anywhere (Whole Foods you have failed me) So I bought frozen organic corn and it was just as good. I would suggest doubling the recipe if more than 2 people are going to be eating. My husband ate it all....and we had zero left overs.

This weeks Question is: Do you make two different meals since your husband eats meat? The answer is no.. Austin is super flexible and doesn't always need meat with every meal. We rarely ever buy red meat and all the meat we do buy we get at Whole Foods or a butcher. Because if he's going to eat meat... I care about the quality and would rather may more money for better, healthier meat. Because all of our dishes are heavy vegetable based, its really easy to add chicken. He prefers chicken over anything and sometimes I get crazy and will pick up some ground turkey. But if I'm cooking veggies or rice or anything I usually just pair it with a side of chicken, flavored to go along with our meal. 

a few examples: 

  1. Breaded chicken is his favorite so we always have Panko Bread crumbs in our cabinets. ITs easy to throw this together and bake it while I'm cooking our meal.
  2. We are Indian and curry lovers so I always try to pick up a Masala Simmering sauce for his chicken. 
  3. Lemon Peper.... goes along way. 
  4. Sometimes I shred his chicken and add it to a Buddha bowl.
  5. I make loaded sweet potatoes a lot and mine is all veggies and his is veggies + meat.

When we make dinner our meals don't revolve around a meat protein Like most "normal" meals do. So its more of an after thought or pairing him. If we make a soup that calls for meat usually we make it and then ill take my portions out into another pot and add the meat to his pot. Sometimes if its just chicken, I don't mind picking it out because I try my best to flexible. 

Okay! let me know if you ever try this soup and if you have any questions don't forget to email them to me or comment below!

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