Mornings with Olive

 Olive has a new game! Where she likes to pull all of her books off the shelf every single day and once I clean them up she likes to pull them all back down. But hey, thats okay because she's learning and in my mind she is counting as she pulls them off one by one. She thinks its SO funny.. good thing I think she is SO cute. We like to play in her room a lot. Theres lots of space and theres nothing off limits in her room... unlike the refrigerator she constantly tries to get into in the kitchen. 

After all of the books have been pulled off I like to bring her over to the couch with a few of our favorites that way we can sit and read without getting distracted. Currently this shimmer and shine book has her attention! Its pink and sparkly and Olive is a total girly girl. I love watching her flip through the pages and talk gibberish. 

These little moments are the ones I want to remember. 

*This post is in partnership with Nickelodeon shimmer and shine. That you can now purchase at Kohl's. All options are my own.