Dress: Brick & Main Co  Shoes: Sandgren Clogs                                                                        Olives outfit : The Rabbit and Fern Bow: La Belle Baby

HAPPY WEEKEND! This Sunday is Olives First birthday!! I can't even handle it, so many emotions and good memories. I've taken videos of her since she was born and sometimes we just sit on the couch after she goes to sleep and watch all her old videos and I just cry. #hormones. She looks like such a toddler in these photos. Anyone want to tell me the secret to stopping time? 

 You guys, WINTER IS HERE... now we can all stop quoting Game of Thrones "Winter is coming". Last night we finally had our first snow of the year and unfortunately that made my trip to the airport 6 hours long instead of 3 because every one forgets how to drive when the first snow comes along. BUT family is starting to get into town to celebrate this little girl and its just the best. 

Since its been getting colder (finally) I've been having so much fun layering all of her summer outfits. Trying to get good use out of ALL her cute clothes. I've also worn this dress too many times to count since I got it from Brick & Main Co. I've posted about them here before... but I had to chance to meet the owner behind the cute shop this past week and she is as sweet as they come. We are hosting a giveaway together on instagram today so make sure to head over to my page HERE to enter! 

P.S out of no where Olive has slept through the night twice in a row .... HAPPY DANCES HAVE BEEN MADE.. Hoping this streak keeps on going because this mama is getting spoiled with sleep and can't go back now.