Thrifty Tuesday

Romper: Soel Boutique   Shirt: Soel Boutique    Mules: Thrifted.

 So I just realized that I missed blogging last week. It was Olives Birthday weekend and then we shot a wedding the very next day and then before we knew it Thanksgiving happened. I hope you all had the best Thanksgiving with your families. 

This weeks post is all about those daunting isles in the thrift store. You know the ones that a million things are thrown on and you don't even know where to begin. BUT if you have patience and really dig deep you can find so many wonderful treasures. The reason I love thrifting, well ONE of the thousands of reasons is I love finding something unique.. you know.. something you can't buy at Target. Well... I guess you can buy taper holders at target but not like these, something that tells a story. Lately Ive had a little obsession with finding these gold or brass taper holders. They remind me of Beauty and the Beast and since the new movie looks AMAZING anything that makes my home a little more romantic I'm all about. 

Do you ever look through all the rows of junk and find treasures? Ive found some of my favorite vases, dishes and nick nacks on those racks!