Are you a REAL vegan... and other food questions I get asked.

Shirt: Soel Boutique   Jeans: Thrifted  Shoes: Thrifted   Purse: Love 41 

Today started off slow. We slept in, snuggled, went out and grabbed coffee and then I went grocery shopping while Olive + Austin played. Days like these are good.. slow, kind and slightly out of routine. 

The most asked questions I get are about our diet." Do I eat enough?! How do I get enough protein? What does olive eat, Is she a vegan (yes) ? Wait your husband eats meat and you dont?...Isnt that hard? Am I a real vegan (lol)? Can you share how you eat? Can you share everything you buy at the grocery store? Can you help me eat better?"

I've shared recipes on here before and fell away from it because I have ZERO interest in taking photos of food. I love making new food and being in the kitchen but ask me to photograph it and I'm so turned off. So I decided to start sharing some of my favorite recipes with you all. Recipes that we've tested and loved with pictures that are not my own and giving credit where credit is due!  Each week I'll answer a new question about our diet that we get asked! So if you have any please leave a comment or email me and I'm looking forward to answering them all in one place! 

as for these photos! I'm a true snack mom. I eat 6 small meals a day and Austin has dubbed me the #snackmom. I for one, Get hANGRY...our friends know it..I know it and so this is the best way of eating for me. Throw in those breastfeeding hormones and I'm a monster if I don't get food. My mom recently found THESE snacks for Olive and I.(They're freeze dried. Raw, Vegan, Organic, NON GMO. AND only one ingredient ..ya know all the good stuff! lol) So of course she saw them in my purse and we had to take a break to eat them on the sidewalk..