Good Eats!

Recipe HERE. image and recipe VIA My New Roots.

Just wanted to drop in really fast to share this weeks recipe. This isn't one that I've made but for the past 2 weeks I've been drooling over it and was suppose to make it but we have been lazy. We have made different versions of these for dinner but never with this drool worthy sauce. So its going DOWN tomorrow.... 

You can add shredded chicken to these and make it a meal for meat eaters while shopping opt for the larger sweet potatoes. AND take away the cheese and make it vegan! Happy almost Friday! 

What Vitamins do you take? ( I get asked this a lot because of breastfeeding)

When I remember...  I take a Multi vitamin, B-complex and or a B12... usually one or the other., DHA Fish Oil,  Vitamin D, calcium, potassium and a probiotic. I also use some essential oils and take two different times of organic mushroom powders for immune support. I recommend meeting with a local nutritionist. We meet with ours every so often and she is incredible. We've been tested to see whats low and high in our bodies and then we go from there.

I will probably start Olive on vitamin D here shortly and she gets a probiotic in her milk. She still breastfeeds on demand so I'm not to worried about her vitamin intake yet.