Olives 1st Birthday's!

Hey guys, its only like a year later and I'm finally sharing Olives parties!  My parents made all of Mine and Olives dreams come true when she hired a petting zoo to come to Olives birthday party in Chicago! To top it off they brought a llama!! Olive was so fascinated and just dove right in to petting all the animals. She kept trying to go after the goats tails... and the goats kept trying to eat her dress. She wasn't sure about the ducks and she loooooooved the llama! But her favorite animal was the pony. It was so hard to get photo of Olives excitement on the pony because every time we stopped to snap photos she would get upset and wanted it to move. We just had the best day ever! Im so thankful for all of the friends and family we have who came and showered our little Kalamata in love. My grandparents who live in Florida even got to be in town. They hadn't met Olive yet and were coming into town for a family wedding. So we planned her party around their arrival and surprised my grandpa! He was so shocked when we walked in the house and Olive just adored him! That week of spending time with them was one ill remember forever!  

On Olives real first birthday we celebrated with some close friends! In the morning we filled her room with balloons and sang to her. She LOVES balloons! Austin made tons of food and Olive played with her little baby bff. Later that day she rode on her new smart-trike and we went to the park and did all of her favorite things! It was such a great day filled with her favorite things. We are so blessed to be her parents. I still have to write her one year old letter... but I'm clearly a little behind! 

Both of Olives cake were raw and vegan! Nothing but the best for this little kalamata. The cake is seriously so good I made one for us on Thanksgiving! You can see the recipe HERE.  

Olives Dress is from the Llama Party is from Archer & Antlers Her party hat is from Dear Grace and Parker and her Olive Darling Banner is from Tastefully Mismatched