an outfit + a fancy girl!

Sweater Dress: Nest Boutique   Jeans: Thrifted  Shoes:Target (old)  Hat: F21

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend and today it is SNOWING!!!  I'm so excited because I get to stay home and cuddle all day and I dont have to drive!!! haha last time it snowed I was stuck in 5 hours of traffic and was so annoyed. We are crossing our fingers for a White Christmas this year because Colorado can be so iffy. We snapped these photos the other day when it was so chilly. We found Olives little jacket on super sale from Old Navy on Black Friday and I literally never want her to take it off. She looks so fancy and she kept making the funniest expressions. I've been going through her clothes and having to put so many of my favorites stored away it makes me so sad. Yet I'm so proud of how she's growing... one day ill blog her 12 month photos and birthday parties! 

I guess as adults we can be thankful that we dont out grow clothes like babies do. My sweater from above is from Nest Boutique! They have such a cute section and I wanted to share some things I'm crushing on below! 



P.S Olive is wearing a dress from Lenny Lemons head over to my instagram tonight to enter a giveaway to their shop!