The Gift of Reading!

Happy Tuesday! Im so excited to share about a company called Lillypost today. Lillypost is a curated subscription book box. Each month your child will receive a box full books that they get to unwrap and explore. They have age 0-2 options or a picture box for Ages 3+. When Lillypost reached out I was so excited because I think this is THE perfect gift for Christmas. Lets be honest, little kids 4 and under get excited about everything! And I think we can all agree that toys pile up in our homes and go unused. So why not give the gift of reading? Olive has taken such a huge interest in books since she turned one. We started to potty train her  (more on that later) and she will sit on the potty for 20 minutes flipping through books, pointing to which ones she wants us to read and opening all the flaps on each page. We didn't have very many open flap books so when we received this months book subscription I was so excited to see her light up as she felt the fur on the animal books and realized she could open the tabs on the other books.

Also, unwrapping anything for kids is so exciting!! I love that each book comes wrapped. So if you wanted to you could even open up a book a day, or a book a week! Or use the books as a reward. We like to get a little crazy and opened them all at once but I think in the future we will take it slower and maybe do 1 book a week so its something new and exciting for that week. 

Monthly Boxes start at $26 and then the more months you subscribe to the more money you save per month. You can look at some of Lillyposts past monthly boxes HERE to get a better idea of what you would be receiving. 

AND this is the exciting part! You can use the code STEPHPOLLOCK for 10% off any 3,6 or 12 month subscription on your first order at checkout!