snow day

Happy Monday! On Saturday it was 65 and beautiful and then we woke up Sunday morning to icicles and snow and it hasn't stopped since! This is Colorado living. In the winter when its abnormally warm you know your about to get slammed with a snow storm. Olive definitely takes after her dad and is always hot so don't worry, she is definitely not cold in these pictures and we were only out for a few quick minutes. She is always so calm outside, if she's having a "fussy time" I try and take her outside because her whole entire attitude changes and she becomes so curious of whats around her. I REALLY can't wait till summer. She'll be at such a fun age. We live close to such a beautiful park and lots of trails so i pretty much plan to live outside.   She has been going through a major growth spurt this week. like insane. Right now she's pretty much been asleep since 6pm last night. We woke her up around 8pm to FaceTime with my parents. And then she was out till 4am when she ate and then she woke up at 9am to eat and went back to sleep. It was kind of nice though, because me and Austin got to spend a lot of time together. We recently got really into a Spanish series on Netflix! We didn't know it was in Spanish when we chose to watch it and then we got completely addicted. It's called the Grand Hotel and he's convinced that I'll finally learn Spanish if I watch it enough. One day I'll catch up with him. Oh but  in the last 3 days olive has found her hands and will suck on them any chance she gets. She's also really into sticking her tongue out. I recently just put away all of her newborn clothes because this girl is packing on that mama's milk weight like a champion! we'll be snuggling on the couch watching netflix and eating this amazing asian soup austin made last night! 

Olives leggings are from this adorable etsy shop. They have the cutest patterns and the material is organic!