my mini-me

On Valentines Day we went to the cutest little french bakery with Olive for a little snack before our grown up dinner plans. She LOVED it and showed us by sleeping the entire time ;).  Olive is of course sleepy in these photos again lol I swear she does love the camera. We switched out her carseats and she is starting to think car rides are kinnnnnd of okay but if she does get super upset I try and sit in the back with her and entertain her with snapchat. I put all the silly filters on her face and she thinks it is so funny. Snapchat is like the best baby toy. and I can't believe I ust said that.

Ive had this dress for 2 years and have only worn it once, it was all the way down the the floor and I'm not really a fan of this print that way, I felt like a walking curtain! So I had a genius idea to cut it and make Olive a matching headband. I couldn't resists us matching even more with her little vans and headband to my dress. It's going to be a sad day when she grows out of those pleather pants... I think they are her most worn baby item.

*My dress is old from TJ Max Shoes are from Target. Olives pleather leggings are from Babies R' Us. Her drool bib is from Fresh Bib, They have adorable bandana Bibs and their packaging is on point. Her Shoes are from the little boys section at Carters.