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Three things. First Austin and I were 100% positive that her bow matched her tights before we left the house but apparently we are both color blind because the tights are orange and the headband is clearly not... Sorry little Olive! Second, Olive is always sleeping when we try to take pictures for this here blog. She is on a pretty set schedule that I helped her get on, but really she has taken to it and doesn't like when we don't follow it. So whenever we try to push her schedule a little bit back, it completely back fires and she's like you guys are crazy, let me sleep! and Third, in the last picture it looks like I'm holding olive like a sack of potatoes over my shoulder lol or at-least thats what Austin says but she loves being that high up if she's ever crying we put her there and she stops crying right away, so don't make fun of me! So now that were over those 3 things heres me and my little kalamata are matching once again in our Gentle Spirit, Kind heart shirts From Taylored Made Esty shop!  I love this saying and It would be the perfect mommie & me baby shower gift. I especially love this for Olive because considering she had colic systems for the first month and a half of her life, she does have a very gentle spirit and super kind heart. She is a little sweetheart and everyday me and Austin fall more in love with her. We are so happy that she is such a smiley happy baby and that her tummy feels much better so I pretty much just want to dress her in this everyday.

Taylored Made is ran by a sweet single mama who 's heart is golden! She also sells handmade  wooden arrows and beautiful tassel garland. Make sure to show her shop some love and use the code pollock10 for 10% off for the next week.