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Ah Its Friday! I couldn't be happier because we finally got out of the house. I kept thinking it was only Tuesday, so when I looked and realized it was Friday I was like heck yeah! With all the snow we've been getting, my car was stuck, Austin's car was stuck, the sun wasn't out. Which is SO random for Colorado Springs, the sun always comes out to melt the snow like right away. So I've been a total crab having #cabinfever. Ive been day dreaming of those summer nights when the sun doesn't set till 9pm. Olive is always so happy outside, so the fact that its been below 20 has kind of sucked. On a positive note, we have watched lots of random movies, rearranged our house and snuggled extra with little miss Olive on our new LoveSac couch. I recently got this shirt from Hearts & Krafts and I'm obsessed. Some days my life consists of making a constant shushing sound ( like in the last picture) and throwing my hair in a bun. So this tee is SO fitting for this season in our lives + its super comfortable. Always a win in my book.

I recently wrote an article on motherhood and posted a little tidbit on instagram the other night. I was really needing to take my own advice when we just couldn't get olive to go to sleep. I thought I would share it here to incase any of you mama's need to hear it to!

" Fall in Love. Allow yourself to feel it all, all the insanely beautiful moments and all the incredibly frustrating moments. Know your doing it! You're mothering another soul and with that there is up's and downs and turn arounds! One day you'll feel on top of the world and the next you may feel like your in over your head. But that's the beautiful part, that's the part where you find yourself. You find your strength and earn your stars. To your sweet baby you are everything. All they know is you, you are their mama and are bonded together. So when you feel like your not good enough, dig deep and know that you are enough. When you feel like your a super hero, strut your stuff because life is ever changing and time is thief. We would be cheating ourselves not to feel every moment and embrace every tear and every single smile."

Shirt: c/o Hearts & Krafts Jeans: LEVI ...I wear them everyday. 

Olives Leggings are from Little Buju . Her headband I made and I can't find the Etsy Shop where her shirt is from, but its from her uncle johnny!