shops & tops

Hi guys! I'm so excited because today Im kicking off a new series on the blog!! I'll be spotlighting different etsy/small shops. I love shopping handmade and supporting other rad people who chase their dreams! I'll be showing off some of their products and and bringing you discount codes so you can look as cool as me and olive. ;)

To kick off this series we have the rad Little Beans Clothing Company. Ran by the sweetest mama named Stephanie (So she's already pretty awesome in my book). When I saw this shirt I new I needed it! I also felt like a total #girlboss this week because I booked 3 weddings in less than a week! So the shirt was just too perfect. It's been interesting balancing client meetings and photo sessions with little Olive. Im so thankful for the friends that have loved on her and watched her for me. Olives romper is also from Little Beans and if you look closely in the 2nd to last picture she actually has a little milk drool by her mouth! haha. 

Make sure to check out Little Beans and use the Code BEAN15 for 15% off your order!