Over the Weekend

Happy Hump Day! These pics are from over the weekend. We got Olives ears pierced, snapped some photos at a near by park, went to a movie and then out to dinner. We pushed it a little TOO much with our sweet little 3 month old. She was SO over the long day by the time we were at dinner with friends. I felt so guilty that we didn't respect her schedule enough that day. Some days I'm super strict baby wise and others I'm SO unbaby wise. Its hard to do anything if we are constantly at home with her sleeping and she hasn't quite understood how to fall asleep in the car yet. So we are slowly learning what is enough and what is just to much for our little kalamata.

on another note this cute top is from a super adorable small shop called Wildfires & Co.  I've worn it like 3 times in 2 weeks. Ive been on the lookout for tops that are easy to nurse in but aren't boring and this is far from boring! As you've noticed I love shopping small. Sometimes I get super overwhelmed scrolling through an endless amount of clothing items on certain sites. Plus I just dont have time for endless scrolling while Olive naps. So I've been adding some boutique like shops to my favorites and now I can go to them and know they will have items I love with 1/2 of the scrolling!

Wildfires & Co is offering Kole Impression Readers 10% off with the Code "ITSSTEPH" The shirt im currently wearing is sold out but everything else is just as adorable. Im loving the "Bobbi Top" and the "Tye Die Tunic" Make sure to check out Wildfires & Co and follow them on their instagram for updates! @wildfiresandco

and a few more because Olives face is to much... her little chin gets me!