three months old

Our little Kalamata is 3 months old. She is so funny, yet always very serious around the camera. She loves to be naked and doesn't like things going over her head. She loves the mornings and prefers to sleep the evenings away. She is a little talker and has truly found her voice! We could sit and chat with her for hours. She has recently started enjoying baths but don't your dare laugh at her because she'll have a total melt down. She is a total snacker and wants to nurse like all the time, buts its extra snuggle time for me so I don't mind. She loves being wrapped up on mommys chest and likes sitting in daddys lap at night.  Her eyes look green one day and brown the next, they use to be gray all the time and are for sure changing darker. Every time we are out and about she likes to have staring contests with strangers, she of course always wins. She has started practicing sitting up, sucking on everything and anything and is the most ticklish little thing there ever was. Life with her is so full. Austin looked at me yesterday and was like she is like our best friend! and its so true. She has consumed our hearts and just about anyone's heart that knows her. I cant wait to watch her grow and get to know her more and more. We are going to Chicago next week and Im so excited to start traveling with her, I know shes going to love it and I cant wait to show her off to my whole family + friends back home.