Hope Carried

Baby wearing is my absolute favorite. I could wear olive all day everyday and never get tired of it. She is always so clam and happy when she is wrapped up tight on one of our chests and she takes the best naps ever. If we cant get her to sleep we just wrap her and wha-la shes out like a light. I love the bond it creates and how convenient it is. I can wrap her to do the dishes, grocery shop, go thrifting really anything!  There is also studies that show how babies who are worn learn to talk faster because they are constantly watching your mouth move and when they start to talk recognize sounds easier + a ton of other benefits! I used this specific ring sling while traveling with Olive and its by far her favorite way to nurse. She is all cozy, I swear she falls asleep within 5 minutes every time. I like the ring sling because you thread it one time and your done, you rarley have to re-thread it. I will admit it took me a little while to figure out and I felt a little insecure the first handful of times I wore it. I kept feeling like someone was going to come up to me and say it was wrong. But I watched the how to videos quite a bit and as long a I knew she was secure I was fine. So once I got over that, we both loved it.

So today I've teamed up with Hope Carried to giveaway a $25 shop credit for a ring sling or a baby wrap on their website! hHead over to Instagram to enter.

If giveaways aren't your thing. Use code "WELOVESTEPHANIE" for 15% off a carried for you or a friend at www.hopecarried.com

teething necklace is from Baby Bees and Peonies you can shop them here


Olive loves them!!! She sucks on them everyday.