Thrifting Style

See that cute little vintage swan dress Olive is wearing? Well, I'm pretty sure it was destined to be hers. I first saw it thrifting and texted a picture to my sister asking her if we loved it. She didn't get back to me and I wasn't sure if it would fit so I put it back and ended up leaving. I went to the thrift store later that week and saw it again and didn't get it once again. BUT then there was a THIRD visit to the thrift store and it happened to still be hanging on the rack, which NEVER happens. So that was pretty much the universe telling me I HAD to get it. On top of that I found this dreamy palm skirt to match. and everyone knows I cant pass up a good matching outfit. Sometimes I think I'm so over thrifting, but then outfits like these come along and I become addicted again!

*We woke up on the morning of our anniversary and as we got dressed Austin came out and happened to match us. I swear it wasn't planned and he wanted to change but I wouldn't let him. This was like my DREAM family outfit and it was our anniversary so he just couldn't say no!