Spring Dreaming

Spring dreaming? get it like.. Summer Dreaming but spring? Okay, I'm so not funny when I think about it but We are SOOO ready for sprinnnnng. I found this cute top of a online boutique called Poppy Wells. I love how flowy this shirt is and the detailing on it is perfect! + I can nurse in it. Do I sound like a broken record yet? I feel like after every sentence I'm like PLUS I can nurse haha this is my life now. My days are surrounded by nursing. Everything on their site right now just screams spring and I want it all! So if your craving Spring like me you can head over to www.poppywells.com and enjoy 15% off using the code "Steph15" through Sunday night!

We've been going on more walks with all the nice weather. (please never snow again!) We just put Olive in the Ergo carrier facing outwards and she loved it! I've been waiting for the moment we could put her outward facing because she loves to stare at everything! She looks so grown up! We taking her swimming on Sunday and can I just say that baby swim suits are the cutest things known to man! I hope she loves it as much as we love do.

Shirt: Poppy Wells   Diaper Bag: Coco & Kiwi