Mountain Mama

I sure do love being a Mountain Mama and I know Olives just loveeeeees being a Mountain Baby... wind and all because in these photos she is like #stupidwind. She cracks us up because she likes to be held in the air and constantly moved.. So we are constantly doing arm curls and working our biceps out with her. Shes like our little 12lb workout weight. If we stand her up or put her feet against anything shes like" don't you dare make me use my muscles mama or I'm going to stick my tongue out at you". We like to make up little voices for her when really she is pretty chill and goes along with almost anything.

These cute shirts are from Three Leaves Co. I found their shop on Instagram a month before Olive was born and wanted it all. They are a shop with a love affair for the Rocky Mountains and have the best About Me Page. I was all for them when I saw that they quoted this below...

"Your life matters.  You do not have to live inside of the box.  You are capable of big things.  Adventure is waiting.

Get out there and go find it."

I love supporting rad companies especially when you know their hearts are in it to inspire you. 

Use code " OLIVE " for 15% off of all their goodies! Their Cabin & Pines Crew neck in forest green is pefect and their baseball tee that says "adventure state of mine" is on my birthday list! Shop them here