four months old

Our Olive is four months old. we were just saying yesterday what an easy, happy baby she is these days. We take her out and about a lot and we've been starting to get compliments like "she is just soo good" and I love hearing that. We also left her to go shoot our first wedding of the season on Saturday and she did great for our friends who watched her all day. I was so nervous/sad to leave her but it made me feel so much better knowing she was so great for them. Also I saw this idea from my friend on Instagram and I kicked myself. We are fruit-a-holics over here so why didn't I start this on Month One?!! We are planning on Olive being a vegan like meso why not start with fruit!! haha. She tried so hard to eat that orange, she got frustrated when she realized she couldnt. A few more months baby! Okay, So onto Olive

Olive loves taking showers, and tries to eat/suck up all the water. Her teething necklaces are her best friends and has figured out how to hold them by herself. So she pretty much grabs anything and everything and puts it in her mouth. She just started rolling over and she loves the freedom of being able to move but gets frustrated when she gets stuck. She was sleeping through the night untill she started to roll over and now she gets super mad and wakes up too many times because she gets stuck in her bassinet. We are praying that stops here soon and practicing rolling over as much as we can during the day. She loves mirrors, and playing on her play mat. She still loves being wrapped up on her mamas chest, and I hope that one never stops. She is the happiest when we hold her all day long and gave her all of our eye contact. She weighs 13lbs and some ounces and has these adorable leg rolls that her cloth diaper is hiding above. She sometimes will go a whole entire car ride without making a single peep and sometimes she still cries the whole entire time, but we are getting there. She loves flashing lights and bright colors and of course still loves to snack on her mamas milk all day long. She has started teething and her amber necklace has helped with the non-stop drooling! She loves when her daddy puts her to sleep and then rescues her when she wakes up. She is so curious and loves to explore everything around her. She is the best little addition to our lives and we cant wait to see her new milestones this upcoming month.