mama style

Ah I never thought the day would come that Olive would stop crying in her car seat or start to enjoy her stroller. Not that I don't enjoy wrapping her but I was so excited for a bassinet stroller that I wanted her to be excited about it. So silly, I know. But she turned 4 months old and it was like something magically switched (really the grace of God has changed Olives heart! haha) and she has stopped crying in her car seat. She still sheds a few tears if she is tired but we have had more and more tear free car rides this past week than in the history of olives life. Austin even sent me a picture of her sleeping in her car seat. Gosh all of your families who your babies magically fall asleep in the car don't take it for granted! But just like everyone said it would stop, it did,  I just didn't believe them. So when the sun came out and daddy came home we went for a neighborhood walk. We use to take Olives strollers on walks when she was still in belly, so I might have got a little emotional now that shes here.

I also wanted to share this outfit. Ive been really into A-line mini skirts and an easy Tee. I have a feeling this might be my spring staple because I don't have to many nursing friendly dresses and I feel so put together when really I haven't washed my hair in 4 days. Oh and see those cute necklaces above? They are from this cute online store called Brin and Bell They have super cute pieces for a great price. If your looking for some adorable feminine pieces that wont break your bank make sure to check them out!

I'd love to hear about some outfits you are loving that are easy and make you feel put together?!

  • Necklaces are from Brin & Bell  
  • Skirt is Altar'd State and I stole it from my sister.
  • Shirt is from Pac Sun.
  • Shoes are Nine West
  • Diaper Bag is Coco & Kiwi

Olives outfit is from Carters and her Bow is from this cute Etsy shop called Cammi & Co