Romper Love

This year I shared my birthday with Easter. We had planned a pretty low key day, breakfast with endless mimosas, and then Austin was going to make "special food" and we were just going to hang out as a family. I make way to big of deals of birthdays and always put a ton of pressure on them so this year I was trying my best to just go with the flow. I had a small melt down on Saturday because it snowed and I'm SO over the snow. But on Sunday the sun came out and melted it all away and It was so nice. Austin ended up surprising me and invited some friends over and made ALL vegan food. Like 6 dishes + dessert all vegan, just for me! I felt so loved and surprised. We played a bunch of games and Olive was such a trooper. She wanted to stay up and party all day with us.

So since the weather has been nice, I've had Olive in a romper like every other day. They are my absolute favorite so I'm assuming they are hers as well. I have some gorgeous ones that were thrifted and I'm so excited for her to fit into them. On any day it doesn't snow we have been trying to get out and go for walks with her stroller. 4 months is such a fun age, she smiles all the time, wakes up from her naps happy and is over all pretty chill. Im so happy the winter is over, I can get in such a rutt and spring always comes around and makes all things new. It was so nice to share my birthday with Easter this year to be reminded of whats important and to have a fresh start to my 23rd year. I'll be sharing some of my yearly goals in a blog post soon!