dancing with my mini

I think I can easily over romanticize the simplest moments. These happen to be some of my favorite photos of us. There is nothing special about them and nothing extra ordinary about this day when we snapped them. But looking back at these give me all the feels. It's weird to see yourself become a mother. To feel everything and know your changing but then when you see photos of yourself and you like " im a mom now" It's beautiful and crazy and full of ups and downs but its the best ever.

We just got back from 5 days in Chicago! We are so happy to be home and it was so nice to wake up in our own beds. I love visiting family but it was so hard to be without our papa for 5 days! Olive did so great and is the sweetest travel buddy. She doesn't mind the plane but on both landings cried for about 15 minutes. Everyone around was very sweet and understanding and Olive made sure to stare with her big bright eyes at everyone. She also made sure to poop on the plane just because she likes have blowouts in the most complicated of situations! She lets out a big smile like " GOTCHA MOM!" haha and I cant help but laugh.

*Alot of you have asked but my skirt if thrifted!