How cute are these XO & <3 decals we put up!? These are from Feelin' it Decals and I love how much they add to our super boring white wall. I had them sitting in a box for a while and debated over where to put them forever. I'm totally kicking myself for taking to long because I LOVE them! We decided on a wall that's close to our front door so on the way out we can snap fun photos. You know, because we don't already snap enough photos.

In case your like me and completely suck at DIY,  let me insure you these are super easy! I even put them on a whole different wall and moved them all and it wasn't a hassle at all. The best part is that they arent a pain in the butt to take off and wont ruin your walls.

They are offering Kole Impressions readers 15% off with the code "stephpollock" they have these super cute watermelon decals I am drooling over right now but a ton of other fun ones as well. Brighten up a boring space and then take way to many snaps infront of it! Shop them here : http://www.feelinitdecals.com