Watson & Mayberry

First and foremost, do you see Olive DROOLING in my HAIR??! that girl! haha I feel like we are in a really sweet spot. I think every day Austin and I have said that we hope this stage stays for a while. Olive is just SO fun, so easy going and playful. She's just loving life and we are loving life with her. She really has brought us so much joy in the midst of this season. Whenever we argue about stupid things, like the toothpaste cap not getting put back on... (my bad) or if I'm complaining in a certain angry tone to Austin he'll grab Olive and start talking through her... and I cant help but not be angry and laugh. She was SO sleepy in these photos, shes falling asleep and then I put her in the sling and she was trying to suck on it, she literally fell asleep like not even 5 minutes after we were done here. I hope she falls asleep on me forever.. okay maybe not forever but for a longggg time. We talk about her growing up and getting married, and I can barley stand it. I keep telling myself we'll talk all the time just like me and my mom but seriously guys its so amazing, yet sad to think of your babes all grown up! and that's why ill never stop having babies! hahaha.

Anyways. See Olives cute shorts and my headband. They are form a super cute online store called Watson and Mayberry ran by the sweetest mama named Stephanie! (so of course she is amazing!) Everything is handmade, she even has baby kimonos! ... um yes you heard me! BABY KIMONOS.

Use the code "STEPHCREW15 for %15 anything on her site and head over to Instagram for a giveaway! Shop them here: www.watsonandmayberry.com

My sling is from here... Olives shirt is from here... and her shorts are here: Sold Out but will be back in stock within the next 2 weeks. 

Discount code runs through Sunday!