Mommy & Me

Happy Friiiii-Yay!! My moms in town and we are doing all of our favorite things. Like eating Thai and Indian food non stop. I swear the women at the thai place knows my mom more than Austin because every time she is here we go in and eat instead of grabbing take out. Of course, we've been getting spoiled by her and just love when she visits! Last night Austin and I went on a fancy date and It was so nice. Of course, our friends are incredible at watching Olive but there's nothing like a grandma!

I wanted to share this little mommy and me style that we snapped a few photos of last weekend (before I changed my hair) My little girl was looking so Boho I couldnt handle her level of cuteness. And her faces in some of theses photos crack me up! I love our matching moccs and im pretty obsessed with this new Albion fit dress. Not only is the color, the BEST. Its such a comfy yet stylish. I love that its gathered on one side on the bottom it adds so much to the piece! I've gotten so many compliments on it. They just came out with these dresses and Im crushing hardcore on this same dress but in a deep merlot color. its gorgeous! 

Shop the dress HERE
My shoes & Olives shoes are from Minnetonka There baby shoes are actually a great price.

Olives outfit is from Old Navy ( its on super sale right now) Her headband is from HEREand the sling is from Hope Carried... HERE