Pebble Beach

Happy Monday, We just got back from California and are currently experiencing the vacation blues. BUT the sun is out so that's helping us a tiny bit! I wanted to share these pictures from one of our days in San Diego. We spent a lot of time just walking up and down the beach just enjoying the ocean and the breeze. This beach isn't called pebble beach, it has a fancy name but I like pebble beach better haha.

Last year when we were in San Diego I was pregnant and didn't know it and this time we had a 5 month old! Life is so cool that way. Olive was a trooper and was so flexible. She pretty much napped on the go almost everyday and slept like a champ on my chest when we'd go out to dinner. One time we were in a restaurant and 4 babies were crying... like freaking out and Olive was just chilling on our chest. We felt so proud. She really is such an easy going little thing and we are REALLY enjoying this phase. Stay little forever baby girl! I feel like when you are pregnant everyone tells you you wont be able to do anything again when you have a baby. But really, we can do SO much. It is seriously such a mindset. We always said we wouldn't stop adventuring when we had kiddos and we haven't. Sure we weren't hitting the bars till 2 am but I'm pretty sure that was never really a phase in our lives anyways.

I feel like these photos are a moment I will remember forever. Just the three of us, the waves and the warm ocean breeze. This was also Austins first time wearing Olive in the sling... and lets just say I'm ready for another baby!!! total heart eyes for him!

Olives cute outfit is from a small mountain town shop before she was born (which we have to go back to now!) my shoes are fake Pons from Old Navy.... I'm going to hold out on the real ones until olive can fit into them and we can match! and our sling is from Hope Carried.