Mommy & Me

I would match with Olive the rest of my life if she would let me. I found this cute matching set at old navy and just couldn't pass it up. They actually have quite a bit of mommy and me stuff. And I'm currently obsessed with their baby line that's out right now! It's so boho, I just have all the heart eyes for it! Everywhere we went in San Diego that day someone would say " YOU'RE MATCHING" and I would be like yupppppp we are! I'm obsessed lol. We only have a few photos because someone was getting extra sleepy! But this was such a great morning. We very stupidly forgot our stroller... or should I say just didn't bring our stroller. We had it packed in the bag with our carrier and as Austin was loading the car I was all " babe, we don't need this right? We like never use it anyways" and he was all " you're right, we always wrap her lets leave it" and then we regretted it every moment from the time we got on the interstate. hahah. It was on of those situations where if we had it, we wouldn't of used it but because we didn't we were like we need it. alright, enough stroller talk!

I am seriously having some trouble focusing and getting back into our routine. I need all the entrepreneur vibes please!