five months with Olive

Our little kalamata turned 5 months (last week). Olive absolutely loves flying on airplanes. She has multiple flights coming up and she gets so excited she sleeps right through them. She loves when her papa calls her name and gives him the biggest grin. Her eyes change from brown to green to hazel every other day. Everyone says she looks like Austin but then I show them a baby picture and she looks literally identical to me. Which of course makes me happy and annoyed when people don't believe me. Its those mama hormones! She loves her swim class and likes to go underwater and kick her feet! She likes to poop best when shes in her bouncer and even when mama puts out a hugeeee spread of blankets she likes to roll right off of them. We aren't going to introduce food to her until she is 8-10 months so her playing with carrots is just for fun! Her favorite thing is being held and thrown up in the air and laying on us.  We are obsessed with her and this phase! Below is some co-sleeping goodness!