Mountain Mama

These might be my favorite photos my #instagramhusband has ever taken! These are snapped on our Mothers Day drive through the mountains. Olive was being so sweet and its just a moment I'll remember forever! We also kept wondering why we never drive up to this spot! We always are like " we should go camping" and then I already remember that I'm not the biggest fan of camping, it totally creeps me out and I always think we are going to get eaten by a bear. Maybe ill get over it one day, but I'd rather go cage diving with great whites then be in the middle of no where with only a tent! We all have our own fears right?! Anyways, It was so pretty out and I was feeling extra loved by my little family. Olive always goes with the flow, I'm actually so happy that she isn't on a super strict schedule because she is so flexible. Lately if she doesn't fall asleep in the car she will look in the mirror and do this high pitched laugh over and over and over again. It's the cutest thing ever and I hope I never stop. Oh and see that braid? It took me like the whole entire hour drive to try and figure out that crown braid. It was SO not easy. I need lots of practice, I really want to get better at braiding m hair, but I just suck. someone help me!

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