Clogs & Bows

Give us a pair of clogs and some vintage bows and we'll be to happy gals! I'm just dying over Olives little romper and Vintage yellow bow! I wish they made this romper in my size because I would SO match her, I also wish i could pull off bows as well as Olive, but we all cant be as cute as babies bald heads! Today's post is all about Clogs though! I kind of feel like owning a pair of traditional clogs is a right of passage as a mom. Hahah or as I've said before "all the cool moms have them" These clogs are from Sandgren Clogs in Sweden. Each pair is traditionally handmade and made to order. I wanted every color and every pair but instead of going with my normal "every shoe I own must be brown" routine, I went with a green because any chance I get to wear green now reminds me of my little Olive girl. When I got them in the mail, I was so excited I sent Austin a million photos and I wore them all around the house. He made sure to roll his eyes because he just doesn't understand how COOL clogs are but I told him if he wants to hang with us he has to jump on the clog wagon or else! You have to get a pair, and when you do give your feet a few days to get use to them. I wasnt quite use to the wooden sole but now I wear them everywhere and a huuuuugeeeee added bonus is they make my mom uniform of a t-shirt and jeans look way more put together!

I'm wearing the Victoria clogs in Celery.

Olives bow is from my new favorite Bow Shop called La Belle Baby Bows. Her bows are super affordable and I am obsessed with her Vintage Line. She makes limited Bows from Vintage ribbon. You can shop her bows HERE. You can use the Code STEPH20 to get 20% off of your order this month.