Olive and I jumped on a plane this morning to spend some time in the Windy City to shoot an engagement session + a wedding! Last trip I under packed and this trip I SO over packed...and feel like I we brought our  entire house. I also packed frozen breast milk in my suitcase? Why I didn't carry it on? And why I didn't put it in s bigger plastic bag I don't know... So hopefully it didn't defrost and leak everywhere. Olive is such a great Tavel buddy. But I think it's time we get headphones for her because she'll be dead asleep and the captain or flight attendants will come on the speaker and wake her up... And people crunching on their peanut bags... If it wasn't for that she would be sound asleep the entire time! Have any of you ever used headphones for babies? If so have any recommendations??

  This cute casual summer dress is from Pink Blush. I love the green ombré + tassles! I'm loving the tassle trend that's going on right now, give me everything with tassles. Pink blush has super cute maternity clothes and regular clothes too! And a ton of cute nursing friendly dresses. Make sure to check them out and follow me on Instagram for an upcoming giveaway! 

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