six months with Olive

Half a year with our baby girl. Olive has quite the personality. She is super expressive and you will always know what shes feeling. Shes usually always happy but can be stingy with her smiles. So if you get her to smile she must realllllllly like you! When shes sad, she will give you the biggest sad lip there ever was and break your heart. But usually a little milk can make it all better. She's a total observer and is constantly staring and taking it all in. Austin has this video on his phone where she didn't blink for over a minute because she was so focused on something. After she figures out whatever she's staring at she will scream-talk to try and tell you all about it. A few of her favorite things are mams milk, papas tickles, airplane rides, her new sleeping buddy, her feet and visiting her grandparents homes. Because she gets all the attention!

She is 14.8 pounds and I'm hoping she packs on the rolls but I have a feeling ill have to save that for our next baby. Her eyes are green and I'm hoping they stay that way! She can sit up for a few seconds but when she falls she tries SO hard to get back up. She just popped a tooth through 2 days ago. Its not all the way up yet, but its cut through! She's been on 7 plane rides if your counting there and back and has a few more this year. She is still our snuggle bug and loves to be snuggled and held and hugged. We are talking about maybe starting her on some food next month. The baby bananas are just for fun above! She has consumed our hearts and minds with her cute self and we love taking her everywhere with us. 

I could go on and on and on, but having a baby is really taking us deep into the kind of selfless love that Jesus shows us, it challenges us to be more kind and courageous, to love each other better and not hold each other to mistakes. Olive has taught us so much and I hope we can only show her as much love as she has opened our eyes to!

just a little side note. If you've given your babies bananas and they don't like them, make sure that you give them a very brown speckled banana, as that's when a bananas is truly ripe. Even though I like them when they just switch from green to yellow babies usually dont!