Mothers Day

I hope you had the best Mothers Day weekend! To some I'm sure that looked like just taking a well deserved nap! For us is was a big day of travel! We woke up at 6am to fly back from Texas where we surprised my mother in law for her 50th birthday! Olive also got to meet her cousin Alexi, they are only 4 days apart so that was super fun! They kept trying to eat each other, it was SO cute. But once we landed we grabbed some food to go and drove home to pick up a few things and picnic in the mountains! Well the weather had other plans and it started snowing! When the sun was out and it was beautiful just minutes before! The picture above in the car is us waiting for it to pass, which it did! I'm not gonna lie, I'm one who usually puts way to many expectations on things and I really made myself not have any yesterday and I truly thought the day was perfect. Even though it rain/snowed out our picnic instead we just listened to all of our favorite songs and drove through this beautiful canyon. We drank coffee and even got to hold hands because Olive was a champ and slept almost the entire day! It really was perfect and made this mama extra thankful for this little family of mine.

Isn't this location so cool? I have more pictures to share later but I just love that you get to drive through the rock. I was SO freaking excited to wear this dress. Its another STEAL from Thistle and Finn. (another dress post from them HERE) My favorite online boutique! The material is seriously incredible, like when I got it in the mail I couldn't get over the material and to top it off it has POCKETSSSSS. EVERY.GIRLS.DREAM. I know! Austin makes fun of me but he just doesn't understand dresses and pockets. So today is Thistle & Finn Is offering a 25% discount on your entire purchase (THATS HUGE) to all of Kole Impression readers. The discount code is MAY25 and is good through tomorrow till Midnight EST.

Shop this specific dress HERE Shop Thistle and Finn here

My hat is from Citizen Grace HERE and Olives piece is from Frankie Jones HERE

Just so you all know, I don't get paid if you buy anything from them I just REALLY love bringing all of you discounts and sharing super cute clothes with you!