Vacation Blues

Today sure feels like a Monday to me, maybe it was because this past Monday was a holiday and Tuesday felt like a Sunday. But Man, today we all woke up extra tired. I've been trying to get Olives passport stuff done for like a month, and by trying that means stressing about it but not actually doing it. So then when I finally found everything I needed and literally walked outside to our car my mom reminded me that Austin needed to be with me or he needs to sign a waiver saying he approved it so it doesn't look like I'm kidnapping Olive. Insert Major eye rolls. Recently I've been trying to write down actual to do lists on paper instead of keeping everything in my head. I get so overwhelmed through out the day when I remember things so when I see everything on paper it puts my mind at ease. But life is good, and I have a tendency to get the vacation blues whenever we come back into town. I think part of it is we are in the middle of trying to move and it keeps getting pushed back but this past week I was in such a funk. So instead of being a debby downer I started praising God for everything in our lives. Every good thing, every little thing and it felt SO good. It was like something broke and I didn't feel this cloud over me. Now if only Olive could do that when she thinks nap time is the worst time.

Cosatto contacted us a while back to see if we'd want to give their new SUPA stroller a whirl and you guys, its so nice. It has an extended sun shade that you can put an Ipad in and speakers.. Not that we will be letting Olive watch shows anytime soon but I think it will come in handy on trips and as she gets older or even to play her white noise so she will hopefully start taking those glorious stroller naps. We've been really loving using it around town and its so easy to fold up and go. She looks like such a big girl in these photos its killing me. We may or may not be hosting a giveaway soon with them.