Blablakids + Sleeping!

Todays post is about Olives sleeping buddy Pichhu the Alpaca. We are pretty much tied for her number one BFFs. When we were in Chicago last month, I made the hard decision to stop pulling her into bed with me when I went to sleep, and just let her be and sleep on her own.(even though her crib is next to our bed lol) Most nights she sleeps from 7pm-6am then I pull her into bed with us, she eats and goes back to sleep until I'm ready to be up. Some nights she will wake up more than that but usually goes right back to sleep.

When we made this transition, I got Olive a sleep sac and a sleeping buddy. And she has taken her to her sleeping buddy more than ever and I LOVE it. Anytime shes crying we hand her, her "llama" and she starts smiling and hugs it. Last night we got home from being gone literally all day long and it was way past her bedtime and she was SO sad and screaming and I handed her "llama" and she was all smiles and snuggles. Most nights "llama" ends up on Olives face, or under Olive but It makes me so happy because that's how Olive liked to sleep with me. (but not under me lol) So the fact that she has taken to something that comforts her makes my mama heart feel so much better.

When I was looking for something for her to sleep with I was being SO picky... I've seen these blablakids dolls around the internet and some other of my favorite bloggers had them as well. Once I looked into them I saw that they were fair trade and handmade in Peru! Not only that, but they had recently came out with an Alpaca and since Olives nursery is Peruvian themed it was love at first site.

You can get 15% off these beautiful handmade dolls with code kole15 ... Olive has the 18in Doll and we think its the perfect size. The code is good until June 30th!