My Boho babe.

My little Boho Babe. She is such a talker these days, she said dada a few days ago and even though she doesn't realize what shes saying and we say papa instead of dada its pretty darn cute. And I'm fully aware that I'm (+ my mom!)the only one who wants to see THIS many photos of my baby but when the girl has our clothes than me we gotta show them off somewhere. We went on a little adventure last week in our dresses. This is by far one of MY favorite dresses right now. Ive worn it like every other day, to wedding, to a session, out on a walk haha pretty much in my book, you never need an excuse to wear a dress so I do like everyday. You can shop this dress HERE
 and use the code "STEPH15" to get 15% off this beauty or just 15% your purchase!. I promise its worth it. Ive been stopped on the street multiple times asking where I got this bad boy.

Olives Dress is from a cute shop called Foot Hill Fawn on Etsy here.