Summer Skin

Hi Ladies, So today I wanted to talk a little bit about my summer skin routine that you all had questions about! I'm certainly no expert and I realize everyone has very different skin. I am more on the natural side of things, and I realize not everyone is like that, so this post seriously might not be for you and that's okay. Something I will say is that I've always believed less is more, and to embrace your "flaws" rather then feel the need to cover them up. During the summer I rarely wear makeup, maybe if we are going on a date I'll put some on OR I'll throw on a tinted day cream that has some sun protection in it. But besides that I moisturize, grab some lip balm and I'm good to go. I try my best to let my skin breathe and when is SO hot, I don't want makeup seeping into my face even if it is on the more natural side.

For the last two months I've been using these products pictures above from Urban Oreganics.. I've been pretty pleased with the results. Whenever I'm trying a new facial cleansing product I always give it a week for my skin to get use to and if I get a blemish, I don't automatically rule it out. Your face is detoxing and sometimes it takes a minute for it to get use to something new. As you see above, I still get a random blemish every now and again and its probably from all the dark chocolate or vegan cookies I eat but I don't freak out about covering it up and just kind of let it take its course.

Okay on to it, I really don't have any secrets but I do think your diet defines your skin! You can hear me preach all day about #youarewhatyoueat and #eatalivestayalive. Eating fresh foods literally is giving your body life. I'll try my best not to make this a food post but if you are breaking out all the time or having major issues with your skin FIRST look at your diet, how much refined sugar are you taking in in one day? SECOND are you hydrated? and I mean really hydrated? Me and Austin both got in trouble with our nutritionist because we were not drinking enough water and it was affecting other organs in our body, such as our thyroids, digestive system, memory... so WATER WATER WATER. Your skin will start glowing if you drink the right amount of water I promise and other health issues you may be noticing will change and start to correct themselves with a healthy intake of water. THIRDLY Moisturize!! For my skin, I apply in the morning and after I wash my face before bed. I really like this Urban Oreganics Facial Cream  its thicker and took a minute to get use to but boy, does it moisturize! In the photos above that's all I have on and I feel like it makes my skin glow! You can also get it with Zinc Oxide which is really all you need to protect you from the sun, so put on your cream maybe some lip color or something simple that's your thing and run out the door and you are protected from the sun!

Because I'm more on the natural side of things, this Cleansing Grain cleanser works really well from me. I haven't tried it yet but they do sell a makeup remover and for the days I do have mascara on I'd like to try that, currently I just use a lotion to get it off. And I'm digging the Beet tinted lip balm. seriously, SOOOOOO good. I use to be a burts bees fan all day everyday but this is my new jam! As for other things I do with my skin, I use coconut oil a lot. I put coconut oil on everything. Have you ever heard of washing your face with Oil? If you haven't look into it, its not for everyone but whenever I do that I love the results and if you struggle with acne, coconut oil is anti everything and should really help your skin calm down.  I put coconut oil and Young Living's Purification on my blemishes. The two makeup's above are Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream (now called Tinted Day cream) I usually wear that in the fall and winter and the other one is a Pacifica BB cream and I love it because its super light. I wear either one of those while going out to an event or a date and they last forever. My thing is bronzer, I love me some bronzer. So usually I Moisturize and throw on bronzer/ lip balm and go. Or one of those creams, bronzer and go. Some people's thing is mascara or lips stick or whatever it is, I just encourage you to try and keep it simple for a change and see how your skin reacts!

I'm not perfect and forget to wash my face all the time but eating a ton of fruit and vegetables, drinking water and using very natural facial products have got me where I am today. I love that Urban Organics explains what their ingredients are and its vegan and all in front of you you don't have to go searching what an ingredient means. I think if you are feeding your body incredible things then your skin isn't going to give out on you. Have you ever seen what 40 or 50 or 60 year old Raw Vegans look like? Total babes! and not that you need to be a raw vegan to age well but it certainly speaks for itself. I recently watched a video from Camera diaz who was talking about the beauty of aging and how it should be welcomed with Grace and elegance! Okay, I could go on all day but if your having trouble with your skin and wanting a difference, give it a month. Try out a few simple products, add coconut oil in and see if it works for you! We should all feel incredible stunning in our own skin and wear makeup just for fun, just like we shouldn't be a slave to our phones, or the tv we shouldn't be a slave to makeup and feel that we MUST have it on or we look awful. Embrace what you were born with. Confident women are beautiful women.

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