May we never loose our wonder.

May we never loose our wonder, wide eyed and mystified, may we be just like a child staring at the beauty of our king.

This song has been on reply in my mind lately. You can listen HERE.

Life is so sweet, I starting journaling for Olive again. This is awful, but I haven't written in her book since before she was born. But hey six months, now is the time to start!  Blogging has been so weird lately, trying to decide what I want to share and what I want to keep private. I'm kind of getting lost in the middle of it. Trying to decide what to photograph but also just living in the moments. As a photographer, I personally feel like everything should be photographed! I don't ever want to forget a thing, but sometimes I feel like we are missing stuff because we are behind the camera so much. This space started out as a space for me and my family and now I have so many amazing followers I'm all over here stuck in a writers block on what to share!

So I figured I'd go back to square one and just share whats on my heart. I could listen to this song and just cry. It seriously is the cry of my heart. I pray to never get stuck in whatever I'm doing and forget the wonder of life. How beautiful this world is, most of the time people only see darkness and only focus don't he negative but this world is full of incredible people and beauty. I pray that we can teach olive to always keep that childlike faith. To always have hope and be kind.

We are shooting a gorgeous wedding today and are going to miss the heck out of this sweet girl. Shes been trying so hard to crawl, I'm going to laugh/slightly cry if she starts crawling for our friends before us. Everyday I keep saying mamamamamamaaaaa and I think Austin is saying papapapapaaaaa and dadadadadaaaa . We are probably confusing her but we are fighting hard for that first word. Watch it will be like doggie or something completely random and insane. Because she is serioulsy obsessed with dogs (and we don't even have one). We are going to start teaching her sign language soon to!

but these clogs are from Lotta From Stockholm ! Like I've said before I think clogs are so a right of passage not only as a mom but for adult-ing. Because lets be real adult-ing can suck so why not treat yourself and make your feet fancy! I'm wearing these HERE  and they come with a better price tag! (insert heart eyes for your bank account).