Fathers Day Fail

Our Fathers Day was kind of an epic fail... but not in a horrible way more in a "of course this would happen to us" kind of way. We drove 4 1/2 hours one way to go to this really pretty spot called Maroon Bells, all to get there and they only take Cash. It was $10 bucks and we only had our card and everything in town was CLOSED. We tried driving back down the mountain to Aspen where no one would give us cash back and no one had an ATM. It was pretty crazy, and I cried but we made the most of it and got to spend 10 straight hours together in the car with a 7 month old! Jokes aside, Olive did really good, we just took turns playing with her in the back seat and got out a few times to stretch our legs and take a break from the car seat. We stopped at Twin Lakes and snapped these photos above and now I'm going to go print ALL of them out. One of our favorite things to do here is drive through the mountains with the windows down and turn the music way up so even though we didn't get to see what we went to see it was still fun. We sure love our papa and it was nice to get the spend the entire day together. There's a million reasons why we love and appreciate him but our favorite is that hes the very best at snuggling and rescuing us when our day is too hard. It's such a crazy thing watching your 19 year old boyfriend grow into the man he is and then jump into father hood like hes been doing it his entire life. We are soooooooooooooo blessed to have him. There's been some sad stuff around the internet lately, and I've really just been squeezing my family extra tight and being extra thankful for every moment we have here together.

We usually always have something on our to-do lists and we are really trying to get ourselves organized over here. We waste so much time just by being unorganized so now that its officially summer so we are trying to go to bed a little earlier, wake up a little earlier and work out a little more. Start practicing yoga again and communicating better. Simple things that make such a huge difference in our attitudes and days! You know your getting old when you said its summer and going to sleep earlier in the same sentence...


My dress is from Thistle & Finn HERE and it actually buttons down so it's BF friendly!