What the KALE

I realize that she'll probably look back at these photos and be embarrassed of them when shes older but I couldnt resist a kale crown. Because KALE CROWN!!! hey, maybe she'll be a raw vegan chef and actually appreciate me for these! but... SEVEN months with our little Kalamata! Seven months of mamas milk, seven months of snuggles, seven months of that glorious baby smell, seven months of cloth diapers, seven months of being my little BFF. Yesterday we she tried a little bit of avocado with breast-milk mixed up as her first food! She loves avocado, but loves chewing on her spoon more!

She has 2 teeth, weighs 15 pounds and still loves being wrapped up close. She is fascinated by grass and is the happiest when she is outside. She's a jumping machine, LOVES her sleep and still really hates the carseat. Shes observant, tender and the best little adventure that has happened to us! We love you OLIVE!