This picture cracks me up, Olives got that stare off to the distance blogger face on point!

Happy Monday, Our Sunday was the best. We had the most relaxing day and somehow Austin even convinced me to run sprints.... we brought our guava pack and play ( which is the easiest/lightweight pack and play ever) down the the soccer fields and set Olive up and then ran way too many sprints... where I almost died. And TMI I have ZEROOOOO pelvic floor. Like, hello PEE, even when I don't have have to pee. Seriously so embarrassing. We also made a family Costco trip, where we always spend way to much. Picture us being like "WHAT THEY HAVE THAT? and its Organic? Well we just NEED it, even though we said we weren't going to get anything that's not on our list, we just HAVE to have This...and THAT" that's pretty much our conversation thee entire time. Costco is for suckers, and we are proudly those suckers.

I just wanted to share this outfit because this shirt is everything. The detail is Insane and you cant really see it well in these photos so check it out HERE It's from Thistle & Finn and only $24! It was also the first time Ive put on jeans in forever. You cant tell but they are high waisted and every time I wear high wasted pants I remember my mom telling me stories about how when they would put on their jeans they were SO tight they needed to use a hanger to get them zipped.