To the foutain we go..

The only thing keeping us cool this summer is this fountain! We've been so many times but this was the first time Austin got to come with us AND no one was there!! it was incredible because usually there are hundreds of kids running around and splashing an insane kids at a fountains would normally do. But usually me and Olive have to sit up top and be really careful. SO, we got to let her be free and she was so happy. She was crawling everywhere and splashing.. breaking out her yoga poses and kept trying to stick her face in the water. At swim class we are trying to teach her how to blow bubbles, so that probably had something to do with it but she doesn't quite understand she can drown! This day couldn't have been better though, it was over cast and so quiet we could have stayed there forever.

I'm wearing my new suit from Raising Wild. This has been like my dream one piece! It covers, yet is waaay sexy, its easy for nursing (which is a MUST) its reversible and over all the quality is so good. I spent a little more on it because lets be honest, swim suits last forever! I've had the ones in my closet for years so I always spend a little more on quality than super cheap suits that wont even last me a summer. I'm so excited because I get to offer you all 15% off with the code STEPH15.. !! Happy shopping!