Location Scouting

We have a wedding next weekend in Denver so we were up at Red Rocks looking for a fun place to take bridal party photos. Location scouting is probably one of my favorite things. One, because we get to snap some photos for selfish reasons, two we get to explore new hidden gems in Colorado and three I get SUPER excited about that upcoming session because I know its going to be stunning! This was such a hot day and Austin was on day 9 of his 14 day Cleanse so we didn't do much hiking but I'm SO out of shape soooo I was more than happy not to hike. Which btw, total bragging moment. Austin is on day 13 of his 14 day Master Cleanse... that guy hasn't eaten anything but the Master Cleanse Lemonade in 13 days!! His ability to commit and self control blows me away... because I've only ever made it to day four on that cleanse before breaking. One day ill be as cool as him but for now ill just eat my fruit and veggies! Speaking of veegies, Happy Wednesday, our little kalamata turned 8 months today so we are celebrating with purple carrots! haha, more on that later. Have a great day!!