Mama Style

Guys, these summer days! They have been the best, and extra hot. The other morning we got out of the house early to run some errands but we stopped at our favorite local coffee shop to grab some cold brew and people watch before it got to hot and sticky out. Olive was fascinated with a man waiting for the bus who was dancing like crazy, like he was getttttting it and didnt care if anyone saw.  We try and get out early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the heat and our summer has been filled with coffee shop hangs and working on our new house. We move next week so our current home is disaster and I'm straight up ignoring it and wearing pretty skirts instead. I mean I don't think there's any organized way to be half packed, half not and still doing laundry but needing to buy a new washer and dryer... like there's no way to feel "tidy" during that. I think the thing I'm most excited about is having our own yard to do anything we want in and Olive having her own room... even though I probably wont let her sleep in it at night because separation anxiety is a real thing, at least all of her things will be in her own space. Our house now is lovely, but our room, Olives room and our laundry room are all in one big open space so I feel like its never tidy enough and it drives both Austin and I insane.  End of rant! Onto this skirt, its perfect. The waist, the length, for sure a new staple in my closet. Its from a shop called Friday Fav's and they are offering readers 20% off this skirt! which makes it way affordable! Shop it HERE and use code FAVSKIRT